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Our curriculum intent and approach to implementation sit alongside our Federation Mission, Vision and Values. The links below will redirect you to the Fox Federation website. 

Fox Federation Curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced.  We meet and exceed the expectations of the National Curriculum.  Our curriculum is knowledge rich, ensuring children build  key vocabulary and concepts at every stage.  We plan the curriculum carefully, with a clear progression of knowledge and skills from the EYFS and to KS2, leading to greater disciplinary knowledge and skills over time, preparing children for transition to Secondary Schools.  Our curriculum develops aspiration and appreciation and awareness of the wider world and children’s position within it, with a strong focus on representation, developing strong oracy skills and critical thinking.   We develop cultural capital across the curriculum, through planned enrichment linked specifically to the curriculum and through celebration of diverse contributions to fields of learning and achievement.  British Values are woven across the curriculum.   In this way we make a difference through understanding and living our values.  

Fox Federation  Curriculum Implementation:

HIgh quality CPD and a commitment to learning from research and best practice lies at the heart of our curriculum implementation.   Staff at every level are provided with extensive opportunities to develop their own subject knowledge and pedagogy to ensure the curriculum can be delivered effectively with maximum impact.   Subject and senior leaders support all staff to develop their expertise through routine co-planning, modelling of lessons, as well as coaching and monitoring.  Subject specialists are used to teach key areas of the curriculum, to sustain the highest levels of expertise, including: PE, Music, Art and Mindfulness.   Vocabulary is taught explicitly and effectively across the whole curriculum.   There is a high level of talk in all lessons, applying key vocabulary and allowing for reasoning and depth of discussion in learning.    Learning is made accessible to all, by clear coverage of prior knowledge and  learning,  and, within each lesson, consistent scaffolding, chunking of new learning, opportunities for talk and feedback.  Pupils with specific additional needs work against their termly target trackers, and only in some cases resulting in alternative learning tasks being designed.  Opportunities for depth are provided through questioning, reasoning,  depth tasks and reading beyond the curriculum.   Homework is focused in the areas that have the greatest impact on pupil progress: Maths Fluency, Reading, Spelling and Handwriting.   Formative assessment is used routinely within lessons, in order to address pupil misconceptions.  Summative assessments are used termly to track how pupils are progressing against the curriculum.  All lessons allow pupils to practise our core values of Respect, Resilience, Collaboration, Curiosity and Inclusion.  

If you want more information about our curriculum, please contact our head of curriculum and standards, Emma Madden